Basic Beach Ball Pool


Basic Beach Ball Pool

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  • 18 months +


  • Consist of 1 corner piece, 3 quarter circle pieces, 2 rectangular pieces, 1 oval bace mat, 1 palm tree, and 750 balls  (500 opaque and 250 transparent balls).
  • Develop motor skills and learn to play together
  • The fabris is easy to clean with soapy water
  • Each ball pool hase a base mat
  • Quick installation, each component is fitted with velcro strips from top to bottom
  • Whoever the users are, big or small, ball pools have benefits that are both therapeutic, relaxing and sensory, visual and tactile,  with a kinaesthetic aspect (the position and movements of the various parts of the body).
  • Ball pools also allow development in an unstable but safe environment.


  • Highly resistant vinyl fabric
  • 24kg/m3 foam density


  • L:216cm x W:144cm x H:30cm (Th:15cm)

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